About us

This is the equipment we use and play with.  We put this on here, in case anyone's interested, and in case someone hears something they like and would like to know what it was.

Masta Tay*Stricken
Epiphone Goth Explorer 6-String Guitar
Fender Squire Strat
Everly Star Picks
Ernie-ball Super Slinky Strings
Ernie-ball Purple Strap
Memphis 6-string Guitar
ULTRA Guitar Stand
Shure Beta 58-a Microphone
Speacial Red Amp Cord
Danelectro Black Coffee Distorion Guitar Pedal
Denelectro AC-DC 9 Volt Adaptor
Kustom Wav 212 Amp

Jizack .Fucking. Hipster
CB SP series 22" bass drum
CB SP series 16" Floor Tom
CB SP series 12" Rack Tom
Pear Signature series 13" Joey Jordison Snare Drum
Pearl Double-Bass Pedals
Sabian B8 series 20" Ride Cymbal
Sabian AAX series 18" Chinese Cymbal
Sabian AA series 16" Extra Thin Crash Cymbal
Sabian HHX series 16" Evolution Crash Cymbal
Sabian B8 Series 14" Hi-Hats
Wuhan 12" Splash Cymbal
Sabian AAX Series 10" Splash cymbal
Tama Snare Stand
Pearl Cymbal/Hi-hat stands
Pearl Cymbal clamp with Boom Arm
Remo Pinstripe Drumheads (rack tom and Floor tom)
Remo powerstroke 3 Drumheads (Bass and Snare)
Ziljian Signature Series Travis Barker Drumsticks
Shure PG-58 Microphone
Shure PG-56 Snare mic

OLP Music Man Sting Ray 5-String Natural Bass Guitar
GK Kreuger 250 watt 2x10" Speaker Bass Amplifier (with built in equalizers)
Ernie Ball Slinky Bass Strings
His "Special" Purple Amp cord Cord (He won't use any other cord)
Shure BG-3.1 Vocal Mic
Dunlop 0.60mm Picks

Kustom PA Speaker 80 Watt ( x2 )
Behringer Europower PMX2000 PA Head
Fostex Multitracker XR-5 4-track Analog Recorder
GMI 20' Speaker Cables ( x2 )
Poverty-Stricken Light Sign
Big Blue Extension Cord ( 250' )
Orangie Extension Cord ( 30' )
Yellow Extension Cord ( 50' )
Power Bar ( x3 )
Universal AC Cords ( x3 )
GMI Mic Cords ( 10', 20' x2, 50' )
Crate GX-15, 15 watt amp
Fender Squire Champ 15, 28 watt amp
Realistic Tapedeck Boombox
Realistic Twin Tapedeck (Fuck Jim's music for selling us a broken tapedeck)
Yamaha Cornet (no longer in use)
iRiver Mp3 player (blame this for the shitty recordings on purevolume)
Shure mic clips
1/4" Amp Cords (x10)